Ray DiPalma


Ray DiPalma

Ray DiPalma's books include LE TOMBEAU DE REVERDY, LETTERS, MOTION OF THE CYPHER, PROVOCATIONS, THE JUKEBOX OF MEMNON, and RAIK. Two new collections are forthcoming in the Spring, 2006: QUATRE POÈMES (Editions Comp 'Act, Chambery) and CAPER (ML & NLF, Piacenza). His writings and artwork are featured in the current issue of the French journal LA POLYGRAPHE. He lives in New York City and teaches literature and writing at the School of Visual Arts.


Sequel #11


A swimming pool in one corner
an Etruscan vase in another
the surface of the painting
in the third place makes a wall where the eye
stops and the image in the painting
makes another—it took weeks
to suggest a fraction of a second

Out of the into the light
the same sequence nine times
then the same sequence seven times
for the diagonal that tells me when
to begin and the partition
that tells me where to end

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