Bill Griffiths

Bill Griffiths

His first poems were published in Poetry Review under the editorship of Eric Mottram. Mottram and Bob Cobbing, the little press professor, and publisher of vast numbers of new titles for new writers, as Writers Forum, were the two immediate influences on Bill in the 1970s, but American poets like Michael McClure and Muriel Rukeyser, realisers of word-potential like Keats, Crabbe and Hopkins, and the literature of Old English have also long claimed his admiration.

The latest titles have come not from his own Amra Imprint but as paperback volumes from other little presses: Rousseau and the Wicked (Invisible Books, London, 1996), a joint book with Tom Raworth and Tom Leonard (Etruscan Reader 5, Etruscan Books, Buckfastleigh, 1997) and on his own, Nomad Sense (Talus Editions, London, 1998), A Book of Spilt Cities (Etruscan Books, 1999), Ushabtis (Talus, 2001), and Durham and other sequences (West House Books, 2002). LOOK IT'S LOKI has been specially made for Matchbox.

Poetry publications include: Cycles (Writers Forum & Pirate Press, London, 1974,1976); Building: The New London Hospital (Loot 1:4, Peterborough, 1980); Tract Against The Giants: Selected Poems (Coach House Press, Toronto, 1984); Future Exiles: 3 London Poets with Allen Fisher and Brian Catling (Paladin, London, 1992); Star Fish Jail (Amra Imprint, Seaham, 1993).


Newcomers on carts with goats
Newcomers and her entry
cats with flicky paws
sponges of tongues
tossing round Freyja.
She's someone, so?

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